Dear Adeline, Here's Some Songs I Wrote For You Pt. 1

by The High Seas Echo

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The First bunch of songs I wrote for you, I hope they're okay


released August 28, 2012

Thanks to

Ryan Wickersham, Mac, the drummer guy, dad

and of course, Adeline



all rights reserved


The High Seas Echo Seattle, Washington

this is all for you

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Track Name: The First Song
"I think I'm almost out of PA, I'm getting pretty good at this guitar thing too and I think soon enough I'll be able to take these lyrics I came up with on the guitar with these notes I have on the guitar. I've never learned or written any songs before and I think before I do I'm just gonna make some of my own..."

I am but a boy
Who doesn't even have a name of his own

So I'm going somewhere else
I'm going somewhere new
I want to know who's bones have been buried deep inside my skin
So Adeline please, don't forget me

I am but a coward
Who couldn't even face his love last night
So I'm going somewhere else
I'm going somewhere new
I want to meet the demons that live inside my head

So here's the first song I wrote for you
I hope it puts you to sleep
I'm making a whole bunch of songs for you that you can
Listen by the sea
Look out across the waves and you can think of
I hope these songs they sound okay and you can feel happy
Track Name: This Ocean Will Never Get In Our Way
There's something on my mind thats keeping me up at night
There's something on my brain, making me feel insane

This ocean will never stand in our way
This ocean will never get in our way

From day to day, I'm one person to the next
Track Name: Quiet & Boring
We Sailed out in the morning
To red skies when sailors take warning
(Just like Pap-Pap used to say)
To the grey waves and the high tide
our journey was anything but safe

I hope the mountains, are quiet and boring
Right now it's pouring and I hope you know that borings okay

We really sailed out in the evening
To a gold sunrise you would have cried
Oh Adeline, I'm sorry that this note has to be worse, than what it really seems
You see, I'm stuck out at sea
And I don't ever think that I'm coming home
And I don't want you to miss me

I can see you in my dreams
And you can see me in your dreams
Track Name: Sing Sweet, Sea Breeze
The ship sent out for sea
20 years ago, so far from the coast
(Thought it could make it alone)
But now, it's been docked and anchored
In the echoed bay

It's funny that you ask, the sun shines much brighter by the coast
It's funny that you say, it's pretty in the country, I think it's nicer by the sea

Sing sweet, Sea breeze,
If only you knew

There's a man
In the town, who can lift the boat, right out of the water
But she's stuck, she's not going anywhere

It's funny...

Don't you dare say that you love me

I'm going somewhere else
I want to know
Track Name: Dewey's Favorite Song(Rocks From The Moon)
Hold Me
It's been so long since I've had, someones' arms around me like yours
Show me
That there's somewhere in my mind, that can make me feel this way

Tonight I'll kiss Molly
On her tongue is rapture
We've only got six or seven hours so...
(we put the rocks on our tongues) (our guise is cause we're young)
(try everything once)

Let's dance this night away we'll live it up
We'll let our burdens go with so much trust
Maybe one day they'll hear us singing

Now I can feel it in my chest
On this night you said would be one of our best
And there's something in the air
That makes me want to show everyone in this room that I care

Tonight, I kissed Molly
On her tongue was rapture
Don't ask about tomorrow, all that matters is right now

Lets dance...

Another cigarette to pass the time
We'll watch the smoke turn into the skyline
As the rocks from the moon set in

We put the rocks on our tongues
Our guise is cause we're young
Heard this song on a bus
For two years I've been nudged
Yeah, please don't judge